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Homemade Piri Piri (ENG)

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This edition of Piri Piri is a Portuguese family recipe.
From Antonio Casquinha, to Victor Casquinha and now to Marco Casquinha.
The guys love their piri piri and after a lot of feedback from friends and family they just had to get this out on the market.
They wanted to share the Piri Piri with as many people as possible and they say you just have to drip a little on chicken, meat, pizza and pasta!
And not only that but the guys wanted to create their own workplace as the job market out there is not that simple! You know what they mean ;-) ...
The Casquinha family loves food and drinks and have been in the restaurant business for over 50 years.
Marco is born and raised in Norway and is a trained cook so he wants to share his family recipe with all Norwegians. He and his dad, Victor, loves to share what they like, so you will see and hear more about PiriPiri Casquinha, :-)
Obrigado from The Casquinha Boys